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Adams Rib

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Second Sight vs. the Illuminati conspiracy.

Update: The process seems to include the following technique. I had to be sure so I waited to post this.
        "A pre implantation of a psycho trauma reactionary process coupled with an embedded false enemy scenario."

I have another piece of information that is going to be key in unlocking the strategy being used. you can find it here
How to program the human psyche

Also there is some very useful information here that will help you to understand the key strategy behind all of the disinformation
The truth behind the disinformation campaign

  Preselected targets designated to commit terrorist acts.

Pain threshold boundary markers and constant negative psychological attacks. This methodology seems to be a natural part of medical and even law enforcement tactics, which in turn shows cooperation, at least on a subconscious level, between certain bio sciences and the military grooming of preselected individuals chosen to commit or to try to commit terrorist acts.

At this point it is necessary to determine some of the methods used in the military training, especially basic training, that are used to break an individuals natural fear patterns and instill the anger needed to kill. Sleep deprivation, anger repression, pain threshold boundary marker crossings, are just a few of the more obvious techniques used. Of course there is a psychology used in the process.

Increased levels of illegal immigration and the obvious links to firearms bans and the decline of the western Mexican civilization.

Obviously anywhere weapons/firearms are banned, gang activity will increase and lead to mafia style tactics used against the disarmed civilian population, that eventually lead to mafia organization. Tactics like pimping, protection extortion to name a couple. The next obvious tactic of a mafia style organization would be to gain control of interstate commerce, which would likely lead to
increased attacks against law enforcement that keep interstates and freeways clear of illegal weapons trafficking. Also the implantation of mafia into existing city, state, and federal policing organizations in preparation for attacks against the only armed organizations left to protect the disarmed civilian populations. Impoverishment of the disarmed civilian population directly following fear tactics used against law enforcement agencies, which causes more lower and upper level law enforcement officers to be influenced by mafia to join the mafia organizations because they are the only legal arms carriers left to defend the disarmed civilian population and are targeted in more violent attacks for that reason.

At this point I should mention that the above information shows military intelligence advance planning against the civilian population in Mexico, and the methodology and tactics of a basic mafia who cannot possibly be behind the initial planning stages of the civilizations eminent downfall. This planning also seems to have been done on the coastal states of America.

Introduction to Biotechnology and the use of Psychological warfare.

The obvious links to biotechnology and the use of psychological warfare inside of the United States, lies with the falsified information distributed by the bio-sciences directly to law enforcement. The F.B.I. and other law enforcement agencies within the United States are unfortunately the target of the false flags attack being utilized by the biotechnology industry. As you can see in the illustration (#1) I have provided with this psychological warfare detection pamphlet, ephedrine is obviously not the substance with which methamphetamine is made. This shows advance planning of psychological warfare targeting our nations youth and pitting them against law enforcement.

Bio-ethics steps in to examine the problem of bio-tech and inadvertently reveals some disturbing information.

The Presidents Bio-ethics advisory councils topics of concern include bio-sciences ability to suppress and boost memory, which could be used to suppress bad memories and boost the ability to remember those same bad memories slightly before a desired terrorist attack that is to be carried out by the preselected individual, causing a psycho trauma trigger reaction, then inducing rage, and finally the rage coupled with an implanted false enemy scenario deep within the damaged psyche, cause the individual selected by the bio-sciences military intelligence agency program to cause severe damage to that false enemy within the implanted scenario. Hence perform a terrorist attack, or purposefully, the military handler could trigger, then capture the target before he/she attacks causing a political “ we caught the enemy terrorist in time” media blitz. Causing a feel good response within our own intelligence agency, that was produced by the psychological warfare operative working with our intelligence agency, further allowing the embedding of an enemy intelligence operative. Of course for this to work there would have to be actual terrorist attacks performed in advance.

Your response is exactly why intelligence agencies use such methods.

Bio-sciences also opens up the possibility of breeding less dominant males through society by invention of synthetic steroid growth hormone and synthetic testosterone, coupled with sperm banks and seed to egg in vitro fertilization techniques, in order to breed more of the less dominant humans, that would have a lower overall testosterone count genetically, however seemingly more dominant in size and physical ability when giving sperm to the sperm bank and when in contact with females and males throughout society. With this technology the military application would then be to use the offspring with lower testosterone levels genetically to replace existing law enforcement and military functionaries using growth hormone and testosterone injections coupled with medications to control less dominant subjects physical and mental attributes, there would then be no need for the more dominant higher testosterone individuals genetically.

This is probably why the criminal profiling of violent criminals is so close to that of a king, it allows the bio-sciences the ability to track down and isolate males with a higher genetic testosterone levels, observe them and be able to have less dominant subjects mimic dominant behaviors. Probably why some dominant subjects are police and others are criminals, and why they pit them against each other.

This information is relevant to further reading.

Now lets get into the implantation of false enemy scenarios and how it is done.

The techniques of causing purposeful dissent within the minds of a societal youth.
Secret-ism: Informational hording causes youths to not co-mingle with other peers who may have another piece of information. This is done by rewarding youths who buy into the false enemy scenarios and keeping their “knowledge” a secret. This is probably the most useful of the tactics.

Popular media icons: designed to cause youths to break laws that the actors/musicians claim to break but in reality do not break themselves.

We can use Eminem here as an example. Eminem supports pimping and wears a Christian cross, yet Eminem also supports false enemy scenarios designed at causing attacks against Christian leaders like George W. Bush and the Masons. However Eminem, Snoop doggie dog nor any of the rest of the West Coast rap “gangs” would never truly pimp or break laws or even accuse the other Christians outright of the crimes they claim on their songs that the Christian leaders committed, like in the song Bush blew up the towers - – where Eminem (2:40) in combination with other rappers claim Bush and the Masons blew up the trade towers, though mind you these songs are not put onto Eminem's popular albums. He is meant to look like a “good guy” with popular songs like Love the way you lie - – where Eminem supposedly talks out against domestic violence. That tactic is designed to separate children from their parents and authority figures and vice verse. It is a ploy to push a false enemy scenario into the minds of the youth, and cause them to accuse the false enemy or even attack them. These tactics not only help to cover up the truth about terrorism, but cause the youth to directly attack anyone who opposes the ideals of the false enemy scenarios implanted into their young and very vulnerable psyche. This shows pre 911 advanced planning of psychological warfare ( more on this subject in More on psychological conditioning. ) The boys/girls ( men/women) who do confront these ideals are usually the preselected targets. The other youths then help to embed the false enemy scenario into the targets mind and the memory boosting begins. The target relives painful stressful memories triggering their psychosis and with the proper sleep deprivation and mental/physical conditioning, causes him/her to react to the false enemy by means of physical attack.

Statutes and laws.

Let's not forget things put upon the targets and used for mental/physical conditioning by city, state governments like panhandling statutes that cause people to starve and break the law by stealing for food. Once introduced to the system the preselected individual is put into a further state of physical/mental trauma and in many cases throughout society are forced to fight inside jail in a gladiatorial like setting just because he/she wanted not to starve. The idea of being able to incarcerate a youth just for disobedience to their parents and therefore being forced to strip down and be humiliated by law enforcement through searching procedures just for being a child is also a technique seemingly being utilized to create dissent in the minds of the youth.

No competitive pricing in medicine.

The obvious nature of this device is that of causing class separation and dissent within the poorer communities.

There are no competitions for the pricing of medical/dental procedures, which in turn allows big medicine/big insurance companies to charge a preselected pricing, and to even be able to create a pricing index, causing the poor to not be able to afford even the most basic preventative and procedures of medical dental practice.

Not affording the targets basic pain medications once inside jail also causes them to be pushed passed the pain threshold boundary markers, and helps to create a psychosis in which the police are the enemy.

Anger Repression.

Part of the tactics used to cause anger repression would be to anger the target and have the target be contacted by police very many times over a period of time in order to “calm” the target. This in turn would be the same as teaching a Marine to suppress his anger in basic training. Over a period of time the target would learn to not get him/her self arrested during contact, causing the ability to purposefully suppress anger and hide it.

Intelligence agency infiltrations of modern day.

An intelligence agency goes more easily unnoticed in today’s society. A good agency can utilize many more ways in modern society in order to fool the general public and not arouse suspicions. Of course the amount of media and the speed at which the media is produced and put out to the general public is a very effective means with which to create confusion or to manipulate events on a city, state, national, or even an international level. Even something as simple as a video game can be utilize to implant “triggers” or associations with an enemy intelligence agency.

Stereo typing.

This allows not only youths but adults as well to have limitations set upon oneself and others, limiting social surroundings, physical surroundings, virtual surroundings, religious surroundings, and in truth enables the target subject to be more easily manipulated within their constrained environment.

This type of constraint if well enough implanted into a persons psyche could be used by a handler to manipulate a target by means of his/her own environment and even his/her own family, friends, religious organization could become that persons own worst enemies. The handler being of a higher awareness of this truth, could easily manipulate the controlled stereotypical environment of a target subject and his/her own “people” could be used in physical/mental attacks against him/her, that could even allow the handler to become as a remote controller of his target subject through any one else in the targets environment. Most likely to be used as a psycho trauma “trigger” would be the targets own parents because of the ability to cause a distancing between that target and the system as a whole which in turn leads to a further feeling of isolation and lonesomeness, furthering a withdrawal from the society in which the target lives. The parents are the most likely candidate to be utilized as a remote control “trigger” to “pull”, causing a targets pre-implanted psycho trauma trigger reactionary process.


Taking away a persons media and all forms of communication during implantation of the “trigger” , especially ones ability to communicate to oneself through record keeping further isolates an individual and keeps a person from remembering key events that might be associate-able to the implantation process. The ability to only remember mentally purposefully made mistakes made by the handler so that the target sees what is happening to him/her creates the appearance of paranoia surrounding the target and makes that person even more vulnerable to further isolation from peers and family. This could lead to a damaged ability to keep records or to even function normally due to prolonged exposures to isolation without cognitive expression.

Psychological conditioning.

Psychological conditioning in society through programs like scared straight, tough love, boot camp, and many other programs like these teach that nations youth to become “gladiators” within a disarmed civilian population and condition them to kill. Constant competition for jobs due to massive amounts of illegal immigration also helps to create a “hostile” environment. Threats of homelessness at the age of 18 ( a youths mind has only begun to develop at this age ) if we don't compete furthers the inability to create societal “calm”. Coupled with the media gladiatorial gangster/cop personas that are pushed onto the youth from a very young age even further creates hostilities and psychosis.

The technique of selecting targets 'designated to commit terrorist acts' and create dissent seems to have been utilized in Russia during the cold war and was most likely the cause of the downfall of the “Red Curtain”. Pitting youth against authority figures and vice versa within Russia caused the youths to in turn attack their own society, eventually leading to the demise of “the way things are” in Russian society.

At this point it is vital to introduce.......

More on psychological conditioning.

Let's begin.

Tupac and gang claim they are G's. “Heaven for a “G” and “It's a G thing baby”, they also utilize the Christian cross, even with tattoos. Their gang claims the evil “Illuminati Christians blew up the trade towers specifically targeting the Christian Masons and the hierarchical leader of America at that time, Christian President George W. Bush. Part of the Masonic emblem is a “G” in the center. Bush and the Masons we have established are Christians. These guys are not only implanting a false enemy scenario into the minds of the youths but are also attaching themselves to this Christian “conspiracy” through symbolism, making it look as if they have been “rewarded” with money for being a part of the conspiracy.
Let's examine the truth for a moment. Starting with the Masons. The Masons themselves are a religious organization that build using masonry and concrete ( actually from my observations they are quite skilled at their craft). The Masons would never have wanted to see the Trade Towers fall because they were built primarily of concrete and steel and probably partially developed using their techniques, if the Trade Towers fell due to structural failure ( which they did ), it would cause all construction to reevaluate their techniques and cost them a considerable amount of money and jobs. Now to President George W. Bush. President Bush's lineage comes from the most honorable of the hierarchical lineages in the world who themselves follow a very strict and rigid honor code, and no one in their history has ever been known to attack a population in which they were directly responsible for the defense of said. When a group of individuals attacks the President of their own nation, who is in fact the hierarchical military leader of that nation, they are doing way more damage than the attacks of the Trade Towers and the terrorists psychology of implanting fear.

This implantation shows that someone is attempting to destroy America. The popular media Icons probably have no Idea as they are being made into remote controls utilized by the intelligence agency responsible. However, it is obvious that the intelligence of America is not responsible, and has even been kept too busy with the possibility of further attack to notice these things.

This information is only a very small part of the information that I have acquired throughout my art of war studies and is only intended to bring to the attention of the public the full complexity of the situation. It is not a complete study, and should not be thought of as such, only as a preparation for awareness of the attacks against America and to promote the truth about terrorism and how even the leaders of an empire can be made to look guilty to a nations youth, and in turn be used against the very nation in which they live.

There is no Illuminati and the youth need to be aware of this,

Second Sight vs. The Illuminati conspiracy.

By, Frederick Joseph Lombardi.